Why Accurate

100% Satisfaction

We’re pretty sure you’ll be happy with our work, but if you’re not, we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Family Values

Customers always come first.  We put principle before profit.

  • Friendly.   Don’t be surprised if Martin gets to know you personally.  They want to see you happy about their work!
  • Caring.  Occasionally we’ll call you just to see if everything is okay, especially during the first year.  Our service doesn’t stop when we finish the work.  We want to make sure you are happy with the results for the lifetime of the product.  If you ever need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to call Martin personally.
  • Understanding.  Do you have a special financial situation or unusual work schedules?  No problem.  We’ll work around your schedule and we’ll point out various options.  Our primary goal is to fix your house the way you want it.

Confused by Insurance paperwork?

No problem!  It would be our pleasure to sit down with you to explain everything in plain English (or Spanish).  We’ll take good care of you!


Professional Certifications

BBB Accredited, Licensed and Bonded, Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, Service Finance Approved Installer
Texas Licensed and Bonded
  • Approved Installer for Service Finance, a Sam’s Club contractor.  Sam’s Club is a nationwide business bringing value and quality to millions of Americans every day.  Only the highest quality contractors are business partners with Service Finance and Sam’s Club Home Install Experts.
Sams Club Home Install Experts by Service Finance
  • Better Business Bureau.  The BBB exists to keep private companies accountable to the highest of business standards.  We are proud to maintain our BBB status by doing an excellent job for all our customers.
  • Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.  This is the only way to get the full level of warranty – and we have it!
  • We carry $1 million insurance.  This is required by Owens Corning to cover any potential issues.  Not everyone has this higher level of coverage.  You can feel completely safe knowing this.  Contractors that don’t have this put you at risk from non-completion or substandard workmanship (fly-by-night businesses).  Accurate Roofing and Exteriors carries this high level of insurance and that puts us well ahead of most contractors, .
  • Licensed and Bonded.  The state and many cities require a professional certification given by a state authority.  If your contractor doesn’t have this, do not use them!  Our professionals are certified and bonded and we can operate anywhere in the State of Texas.  In Texas, licensing is not required to do roofing work therefore the buyer must beware.  However, some cities such as Austin and San Antonio do require certification.  Since we are licensed, we’re in a select group that ensures a higher standard of workmanship and we can work anywhere in Texas.

Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

This means that we have completed a rigorous training program with demonstrated quality.  We carry $1 million of insurance, which is a very high industry standard.  To qualify for Owens Corning’s lengthiest warranties, you must use an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.

SureNail Technology Trained Contractor

South Central Accurate Roofs has completed the Owens Corning® SureNail Technology Training.  This training provides us with extensive knowledge enabling them to better complete your roofing project.

Top of the House Certified

South Central Accurate Roofs has been specially trained on how roofing, ventilation and attic insulation work together to improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

TPRS Trained Contractor

South Central Accurate Roofs has completed the Owens Corning® Total Protection Roofing System® Training.  This training provides us with extensive knowledge on all components of the Total Protection Roofing System® enabling us to help you select the appropriate products to complete your roofing project.

Shingle Recycling Pledge

South Central Accurate Roofs is committed to assuring that your old shingles won’t end up in a landfill.  It’s just the right thing to do.


We offer financing so that you’re not left without a roof when you need it the most.  Your home is one of the few investments you can make in life.  Financing lets you take advantage of low monthly payments to protect your home investment.


Professional Advancement.  We always aim to improve – we never accept good enough.  We’re constantly evaluating our performance and looking for improvement.  We attend professional conferences to learn about the latest products from manufacturers and the latest industry techniques — you always get the state of the art.  When you talk to us, we speak from a wide breath of knowledge and we answer all your questions intelligently.

  • Training.  Our employees are given academic training as well as supervised practical training.
  • Quality Control.  Our owners or other managers may be visiting your home during the job to do inspections of the work and staff as the job is being done.  We do this because we believe in keeping high standards of quality, starting from the top.
  • Attention to Detail.  Shine and polish means a lot to us and it means a lot to you.  We will have you involved along the way to make sure you get every detail fulfilled.  When we’re done, we’ll even walk through with a magnet and blower to clean the shingle dust and to pick up all the nails that could cause punctured tires.
  • Follow up.  After the job is done, we may contact you to check on the long-term quality of our work.  Also, we will remind you to register some materials so that you can enjoy their industry leading warranty.
  • Knowledge.  All of our staff are constantly taught about new techniques and products.  Workers are required to follow strict standards which are overseen by the project foreman.  Of course, we meet all inspection standards but, that’s just a minimum.  We do better than that because we make sure our people learn and are held accountable to a higher standard.
  • Expertise.  Our workers at all levels are experienced.  They are aware of various factors that come with particular products and materials.  We give our workers the autonomy to choose a better material or process when they feel it will give you a longer lasting product.  Also, our personnel are always happy to answer your questions with well researched responses.
  • Expert Outsourcing.  We specialize in a few things but we don’t do everything.  If we did everything, we wouldn’t be good at anything.  When we do have to outsource, we only do business with reputable contractors possessing all necessary licenses and certifications.  For example, we do not install, replace, repair, or remove solar panels, which means we have to outsource solar panel jobs to licensed solar panel companies.  Using non-certified contractors can void your limited lifetime warranty.

Professional Software.  We can give you precise estimates for our work.  Our high detailed estimates are show you each component and piece of material.  We can do this because we use the industry’s most sophisticated software – Xactimate®.  In fact, it’s the same software used by most major insurance companies.  As a result, we make a good second set of eyes to back up any estimates given by the insurance adjuster.  We would be happy to evaluate your situation alongside your insurance adjuster to make sure you get the work done properly and to get the full service offered by your insurance policy.

Xactimate Software


First Year Routine Inspections

No Leak Warranty

Workmanship Warranty*

Limited Lifetime Warranty*

*depending on choice of shingle, and only with a contractor like us that is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.

OwensCorning Preferred Contractor
  • Help you understand paperwork.  We’ll guide you through the insurance process from beginning to ending.   We’ll explain any paperwork the insurance company gives you.
  • Discounts!  Some of our products even will reduce your insurance!  Since some of our products are designed to last 50 years, insurance companies will spend less money on claims and they pass on the savings to you.  Ask us about these options!