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We use larger gutters that prevent blockages from steeper roofs.  Our gutters are also longer without piecing together smaller pieces.  They are one long run which prevents leaks and structural failure.  We also provide gutter cleaning services.

We are very knowledgeable about the importance of a good gutter system.  The gutters allow proper elimination of water and other accumulations.  Water is extremely harmful to any material since it soaks wood, causes rot, and grows mold.  A gutter system must not get easily clogged and it must not leak.  It’s purpose is to drain away water quickly.

  • Long Run Gutters.  We use long run gutters because they help immensely in preventing leaks.  Lesser quality installations use smaller run gutters that are joined together.  These are weaker against winds and they leak.
  • Wide Gutters.  Steeper roofs cause stronger water runoff, which can be problematic.  If the gutter is too small, water will just spill out of the side rather than through downspouts, which damages siding or bricks.  If you see areas of dark coloring on bricks, it may be caused by repeated overspilling of water from small gutters.  Also, our larger gutters mean that it’s harder for debris to clog them.
  • Specialty Items.  Gutters can also be interesting!  Take a look at rain chains.  When it rains, water pours from one level to the next, making a very attractive ornament that always looks good.
rain chains


We offer siding that withstands the extremes of Texas weather including winds, hail, rain, insects, and mold.  We only use the finest products such as JamesHardie®.



We can install any kind of windows – specialty, energy savings, storm, picture windows, and so on.



We’ll use our experience and expertise to find any damage after a storm that you may not see or even know to look for.  Let us mirror your insurance representative to make sure every little detail is identified.

Quality First
new roof

Actual home roof and exterior completed by Accurate Roofing & Exteriors LLC.


uality means high grade materials, professional quality workmanship, and exceptional after-the-sale support.

The Southern part of the United States has a climate that is very demanding on materials.  You have to worry about rain, winds, hail, mold, and the extreme heat.  For example, some contractors may use Vinyl to clean out their inventories or because it is cheaper for them.  We won’t take you down the wrong path.  We’ll use higher quality materials that stop mold and won’t rot such as HardieBoard® or other Hardie® products.

Aesthetics Matter
color wheel

Did you know that color theory is dependent on the color wheel, and that there are primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors?  Generally, you avoid primary colors.  In places where you want maximum contrast, you choose secondary colors.  For homes, we use tertiary colors to provide an industry yet neutral color scheme that compliments the various times of the day as well as the native foliage.  Our knowledge of colors separates us from other contractors.


esthetics matter because you have to look at it every day and because it will help your resell value.  We use Hardie® products that are engineered not to fade or discolor with harsh environments.

Also, we are well versed in color theory.  Texas is a very diverse place ranging from desert to forests and it’s important to make color choices that fit the neighborhood, adhere to HOA rules, and are proper for your area.


e will meet with you to help you decide on a color.  In addition to color swatches, we’ll also show you a product book that has the actual materials.

We’ll educate you on all the restrictions imposed on you by the HOA, city, and state so that you don’t get in trouble.

Color Visualizer

Did you know that metallic color swatches are the most accurate way to match existing colors?  Light reflects differently from paper compared to metal.  Our professionals can match by eyesight alone because of their experience, but when we ask you for your choice of colors, we want you to know exactly what it will look like.

metal swatch